set of basic dog grooming products
set of basic dog grooming products
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Complete Grooming Basics - Tropical Scent Collection - Shampoo, Fast Dry, Conditioning Spray & Cologne

Colin Taylor Grooming is Cruelty Free and becoming one of the UK’s favourite dog grooming and petcare product brands. 

This pack is ideal for home pet use and for professional dog groomers.

1) Performance Pure Filth 250ml Shampoo:

A combination of effective cleaning agents, odour neutralisers and long lasting fragrance. A perfectly balanced powerful but gentle formula with a dreamy tropical scent.

Ideal for removing fox poo from dogs. This shampoo will remove the scent of fox poo and all other smelly odours with the minimum of washes.

Pure Filth also contains odour neutralising ingredients to break down the pungent scent of those nasty smells, instead of simply disguising it. The shampoo has unique cleansing ingredients to ensure the dog's coat is cleaned thoroughly.

2) Glide 185ml Conditioning Spray:

A gentle easy to use conditioning detangling Misting spray to ease brushing techniques for pet and professional grooming.

Designed to aid all grooming techniques - wet or dry - to ease the work load of the groomer and glide through the knots and tangles whilst conditioning. 
In a comfortable handy 185 ml size with a continuous light spray mister (refillable bottle with 2.5 Litre option available).

The misting spray bottle produces a fine even mist, leaving the hair easy to manage for brushing, combing, clipping or scissoring. Leaves a pleasant fruity scent without leaving a residue on the dog's coat and helps to condition the coat at the same time.

Leaves the coat silky smooth.

3) Fast Dry 185ml Tropical Spray 

Designed to help dog groomers and dog owners reduce drying time after washing. A combination of effective root lifting ingredients to reduce water absorption at the hair shaft.

Combined with conditioning agents, Fast Dry spray tames unruly coats, making them more manageable for combing, brushing and cutting.

4) Pure Delight 100ml Dog Cologne

A diffusive fruity blend of tropical fruits including pineapple. A premium long lasting gender neutral cologne spray designed to refresh a dog's coat between washes or to add a touch of opulence after a cut and blow dry.

Suitable for all dogs and puppies from the age of 12 weeks.

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