Dog Sample Shampoo - 100 ml Collection - Colin Taylor Grooming
Dog Sample Shampoo - 100 ml Collection - Colin Taylor Grooming
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Dog Sample Shampoo - 100 ml Collection - Colin Taylor Grooming

When it comes to dog shampoo, we try to give you the widest range of professional brands on the market, offering you the opportunity to cater for any breed, colour or skin conditions in the salon.  We have whitening, an every day all purpose dog pet shampoo, a deep cleaning for dirty and smelly dogs, a hypo allergenic and a natural deep cleansing.  If you are not sure which one to use, please email for more info.

Colin Taylor Grooming is Cruelty Free and is becoming one of the UK’s favourite grooming and pet brands.  Deep cleansing shampoos formulated for all breeds.

Colin Taylor Grooming Performance Shampoo - Red Berry

Colin Taylor Grooming Performance shampoo has been designed to degrease and deodorise the fur, providing a deep clean and a luscious coat. A highly effective mild shampoo that makes hair stronger, more manageable and delivers a long lasting shine. A pH balanced, vitamin enriched shampoo with Argan Oil and Pro-vitamin B5. Formulated and tested to meet groomers standards. 

Colin Taylor Grooming - Pure Filth Shampoo

A deep cleansing shampoo formulated for the dirtiest and smelliest dogs. A combination of effective cleaning agents, odour neutralisers and long lasting fragrance. A perfectly balanced powerful but gentle formula. Ideal to remove fox poo. 

 Colin Taylor Grooming Whitening Shampoo - Blueberry Supreme

Colin Taylor Grooming whitening shampoo has been designed to enhance and revitalise white and light coats, leaving the fur bright, silky and vibrant. A Vitamin enriched, perfectly balanced shampoo containing Argan oil and Pro-vitamin B5 that add moisture back into the skin and fur.

 Colin Taylor Grooming Natural Deep Cleansing Shampoo - Aloe & Avocado

Colin Taylor Grooming Deep Cleansing natural shampoo has been designed to gently cleanse away build up and impurities that can reduce the coats natural shine. Enriched with Vitamins and hydrolysed wheat proteins that penetrates the hair’s cortex to provide deep conditioning, reducing hair breakage. Contains aloe vera for skin soothing. Suitable for all breeds from the age of 12 weeks.



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