Since Colin Taylor and Janet Rabbie began, their objective has been to provide groomers and pet owners with an everyday all purpose and efficient range of shampoos, finishing sprays and colognes for the dog groomer and puppies at a competitive price.

The Colin Taylor Grooming range was a collaboration between Janet Rabbie of London, who works within many aspects of the canine industry and who also trained as a dog groomer, alongside Colin Taylor they formulated a range of professional dog grooming products and shared their experience and knowledge with all groomers. 

In July 2019 Colin Taylor resigned from the partnership but kept in touch and Wow Grooming continued with Colin Taylor Grooming brand.

Working with an expert team of formulation Chemists and a British contract packer,  Janet has created an excellent range of products designed to meet groomers’ most stringent standards.

With a small precise range of products, we select the best raw ingredients for our formulations to produce high quality products.  With the knowledge of the grooming industry and different dog breeds, we gather all our information to be able to develop products to be proud of.

Colin Taylor Grooming in conjunction with Wow Grooming most recently introduced the Eye and Wrinkle wipes from Wow Grooming for both dog grooming and the pet owner.

Behind the scenes Janet is constantly aiming with a passion to developing new products to increase the range and improve the groomers work.  Check in regularly for new releases. Remember to register on the website for up to date newsletters and a trade account and log in every time to view all updates.