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Suitable for all Dog breeds - Pet Dogs and Puppies

Wow Grooming Cruelty Free dog shampoos are formulated in the UK to be gentle and conditioning for all coat types. Using a mixture of naturally derived ingredients and suitably pH balanced, they can be used as frequently as required to remove dirt and clean.

When it comes to dog conditioning shampoo, we aim to offer a range of the best shampoos for all dog and puppy breeds, whatever colour or skin conditions, including soft fur. Our shampoos are designed for dog groomers to use and to be used by any pet owner at home.

To maintain coat cleanliness and good condition with any of our special formulated dog shampoo range.  Our shampoo collection contains the best  ingredients, also including a naturally derived Aloe and Avocado shampoo.

Our shampoos provide a squeaky clean shine and finish to the coat. The shampoos will help to brighten and deep cleanse their fur and leave your pet smelling great.  The products have been successfully developed and formulated by groomers for groomers and pet owners.

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No Parabens. No bleaching agents.

Cruelty Free