Dog Combs, Dog Grooming Combs & Poodle Combs

As a professional groomers ourselves, it is important that at Colin Taylor Grooming we offer a selection of dog grooming brushes and combs to suit all coats that are easy to use providing a perfect finish.

The Sassy is a finishing comb designed for styling on a clean matt free coat on all dog breeds.

The wide tooth dog comb with long metal pins provide excellent detangling for small to medium sized dogs and puppies.

We have a special comb for cleaning dogs' eyes, perfect for groomers.

For poodles and other wool coated breeds, we have a long pin comb with detailer, as well as a curved Bowie Comb for curly haired doodle dogs (Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Sheepadoodle, Maltipoo, etc)

Bowie Combs allow for an adaptable use on heads, bodies and angulations of legs following the contour of the body or head.