Pooch Perfect

Our very own Colin Taylor has been selected to be a judge on
& 7 Studios' new show
Pooch Perfect UK
to search for the UK's Top Dog Stylist!
'Pooch Perfect is the perfect show for the entire family, including furry friends! Not only are the viewing fans going to be seeing amazing grooms but they’ll also get to learn all about the different dog breeds, their individual traits &, most importantly, how to look after them properly. If a dog looks fabulous chances are they feels fabulous too!!' - Colin Taylor
Each week, a selection of groomers will reveal their creations on The Dogwalk. Alongside Verity Hardcastle, Colin will deliberate over the week’s canine contenders, and their owners are given the chance to see their newly transformed dogs for the first time. In each heat they will compete in themed challenges to create epic transformations of beloved pets and the best two in each heat will move forward in the competition. Packed with useful information, top-tips and responsible ownership advice, Pooch Perfect is a combination of excitement, education, competition and humour for the whole family. 🐾
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